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Shop our store for products to help you along your journey to sustainable living.  Take home grocery, household and personal care products that contain only natural goodness and promote less waste.


white quinoa  |  R17 per 100g
rolled oats  |  R5 per 100g
sunflower seeds  |  R8 per 100g
coconut flour  |  R9 per 100g
almond flakes  |  R25 per 100g
chia seeds  |  R20 per 100g
linseeds  |  R7 per 100g
pumpkin seeds |  R18 per 100g
sesame seeds  |  R10 per 100g
cous cous  |  R6 per 100g
basmati rice  |  R4 per 100g
pearled barley  |  R6 per 100g
pink himalayan crystal salt  |  R25 per 250g

macadamia nut oil  |  R45 per 250ml


natural laundry detergent  |  R60 per kg
restraw bamboo straw set  |  R80
restraw glass straw set  |  R115
fresh produce mesh bags  |  65 (set of two)
dry goods shopping bags  |  R75 (set of two)
bread bags  |  R60
gud sheet (forest friendly toilet paper)  |  R8.50 (2 ply) or R7 (1 ply)

Personal care

natural toothpaste  |  R65
shampoo bar  |  R60
bamboo toothbrush adult size  |  R45
bamboo toothbrush children’s size  |  R40
herbology natural soap  |  R25
herbology natural face mist  |  R80
herbology natural face mask  |  R120
herbology natural face oil  |  R150

Our Values

Committed to Pursuing


Our store sets out to make it possible to shop without generating unnecessary waste.  Products are sold without packaging or with environment-friendly alternatives.  We encourage shoppers to bring their own containers which we can fill with product.  We will also retail reusable packaging solutions.

Whole foods

Our commitment as a grocery store is to curate a quality selection of whole food products. These are food items that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or other artificial substances.  We are also working on creating a range of natural household and beauty products.

Supporting Local

We are on the look out to form partnerships with local producers who can supply us with products that align with our values.  We would love to work alongside other passionate local businesses to build and strengthen a sustainable local supply chain. Local is really lekker.
Hours of Operation

We are currently operating as a pop up store and will be open for trade at upcoming markets. 

24 November, 8am | Chicky’s Yard

8 December, 9am  |  Chicky’s Yard

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our shop.

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082 703 0020 anna@fscleanliving.co.za Find us at 2 Alabaster Street, Baakens Valley Port Elizabeth
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