Who we are

We are Anna and Yolandi, on our journey to making better choices for ourselves and our families.  As we figure out ways to eat better, waste less and live more consciously, we want to share these with you.
Our Journey

Making space

Here we are, learning to make the practical choices that align with our values.  


The birth of my baby girl sparked my love for all things natural. I became obsessive about skin ingredients when she was born and the thought of putting chemicals on her new born skin made me cringe. I started making 100% natural baby products for her, and then it progressed into making products for me. Which is how Herbology was started.

I’ve been amazed at how this one small thing has spilled over into so many other areas of my life. Over time, I have become more conscious about what I wear, what I eat, how I shop and what impact my life has on the world around me. My desires have shifted and I am becoming more aware of “collecting moments and not things.”

I juggle many things as a single mom, but I am learning to slow down, simplify and sometimes say no, so that I can build a meaningful life for my daughter and myself.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life”


Over the past few years, I have been on a journey towards eating more whole foods.  With so many trends and diets and information about food available to me, I have chosen to embrace a simple approach.  Foods that are simply food, nothing added and nothing removed. 

My husband and I opened out burger bar, Frederick & Son in 2016, and with that, I have spent more time than ever thinking about food, researching food and making food.  What we eat matters, and I am excited about exploring this more and making the foods that I want in my home available to others.

With a simple approach to food comes a prompting to simplify further, to recognise areas of wastefulness and excessive consumerism in my life.   I have become inspired to seek out ways to minimise waste in my household, to take the slower route, but the better route.

I blog about these topics and others, you can follow my blog, Before Breakfast, here.

“Make space for the life you want to live”

Our journey


Consider what your life would look like if you made more conscious decisions about what you fill it with?  This is the journey that we are on, and it has lead us here.  Our clean living collective is filled with grocery and household products that help to make a slow living, mindful life possible.  

Our Values

Committed to Pursuing


Our store sets out to make it possible to shop without generating unnecessary waste.  Products are sold without packaging or with environment-friendly alternatives.  We encourage shoppers to bring their own containers which we can fill with product.  We will also retail reusable packaging solutions.

Whole foods

Our commitment as a grocery store is to curate a quality selection of whole food products. These are food items that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or other artificial substances.  We are also working on creating a range of natural household and beauty products.

Supporting Local

We are on the look out to form partnerships with local producers who can supply us with products that align with our values.  We would love to work alongside other passionate local businesses to build and strengthen a sustainable local supply chain.
Local is really lekker.
Hours of Operation

We are currently operating as a pop up store and will be open for trade at upcoming markets.

24 November, 8am | Chicky’s Yardm

8 December, 9am  |  Chicky’s Yard

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our shop.

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